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Stewardship is an integral part of our spiritual journey and our relationship with God. Your consideration and support in whatever is appropriate for you and your financial situation helps to support the ministries at St. Andrew’s.


Support the Life of St. Andrew’s


Christian Stewardship is the responsible use of our individual talents and gifts. We use these gifts to support our worship service for the enjoyment of all, to maintain our grounds and property, to serve our community, and to promote God’s love in our own lives and those around us.


The day-to-day operations of the chapel are almost entirely supported by the chapel service offerings and contributions to our building and maintenance fund. Weddings, baptisms and funeral contributions also support our expenses. Your generous support is greatly appreciated, and is the only way we can sustain the daily life of St. Andrew’s and meet the worship needs of our members.


When we offer our time, talent, and special gifts to serve Christ in the work of St. Andrew’s and our greater communities we share our passion, our life experiences, and our love. Through the giving of our time and talent, we realize the fullness of what it means to lead a Christian life and be of service to others. Our all-volunteer chapel welcomes new volunteers at any time throughout the year.


Memorials & Capital Gifts

You may make a gift of altar flowers for one of our Sunday services, provide a designated gift, or a memorial gift in honor of a loved one. These are wonderful ways to make a special gift and contribution, or for the pure joy of giving.


Through a will or with Life Income Gifts – Please consider including St. Andrew’s-by-the-Sea in your will. Bequests may be designated for a specific purpose (Endowment Fund, building fund, etc.) or may be undesignated. Learn more by requesting a confidential conversation with our Vicar or member of our Executive Committee.


For decades we have been blessed with generous donations and gifts from those who have made it possible for St. Andrew’s to exist for our benefit today. As we look to the future as responsible stewards, we recognize the need to plan for the future.


To create a sustainable and solid financial future for St. Andrew’s, through planned giving, legacy donations and other bequests/investments, you can help to preserve the future health of our chapel and our greater community.


Contributions can be made to the St. Andrew’s-by-the-Sea Building and Maintenance Fund or Endowment Fund at any time.


By including St. Andrew’s in your estate planning, your stewardship as a legacy will help to provide the means and the inspiration for our sustainability, for years to come.


All are welcome to participate and support this important stewardship. We encourage you to ask to be contacted by our Vicar or one of our Executive Committee members.

Reader at the altar
Chapel roof replacement underway
Person taking collection with singer in back
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